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Lisa Peju


Lisa Peju is the co-proprietor of Tess Winery and Brand Ambassador for Peju Province Winery.

Since officially joining Peju in 2001, she has cultivated a passion for representing the business around the world. Lisa travels throughout Europe and Asia, including Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. In the United States, she has blanketed the map bringing their award winning wines to consumers to enjoy.

The Napa Valley has been home to Lisa since she was six years old. She moved with her parents and younger sister Ariana from Southern California to begin a life devoted to growing grapes and crafting wines expressive of their estate vineyards.  

In the early stages of the winery, Lisa was a hands-on participant, tending to the vineyard in the evenings and on the weekends. However, she quickly discovered a talent for interacting with guests and making connections.

With her desire to contribute to and expand on what her family has accomplished thus far, she and her sister decided to create Tess—a wine that shows the essence of the vineyard while being accessible for everyday fun and enjoyment.

Today, Lisa is deeply committed to her role as an ambassador for the business that her family—together—worked so hard to build. She is the face and the voice of the winery, promoting the virtues of these singular wines near and far. 

When Lisa is not travelling, her favorite past time is simply relaxing at home with her favorite take-out and a movie, shopping, dancing and enjoying a refreshing glass of Tess with her sister on the back patio.