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The Perfect Cheese to Pair with Tess Wine

The Perfect Cheese to Pair with Tess Wine
Recipe Date:
October 14, 2013
Cook Time:
Imperial (US)
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Wine and cheese pairing possibilities are endless! But finding the perfect match can be a delicious endeavor.

Thanks to the help of Nicolas Roux, The Cheese Guy at the Oxbow Cheese and Wine Merchant in Napa, we’ve picked the perfect assortment of cheeses to compliment the complex flavors of Tess. To our delight, we found goat’s milk cheeses that showcase a delicate, salty, nuttiness enhance the bright fruit flavors of Tess—creating ultimate bliss!

Before you pack a picnic, plan a party or simply enjoy a chilled glass of Tess at home, add these cheeses to your shopping list:

  • Caprotto (made in a Pecorino style) - Caprotto is a firm, raw goat’s milk cheese from Italy. Fresh goat cheese such as Caprotto is slightly dry, yet salty with hints of nuttiness and lemon.

  • Humbolt Fog – Soft-ripened goat’s milk cheese with a distinctive vein of vegetable ash. Humbolt Fog showcases flavors of buttermilk and fresh cream along with herbal notes and citrus.

  • Caña de Cabra – Spanish style, soft-ripened goat milk cheese. Caña de Cabra is mild and creamy. Balanced with salty citrus notes and a hint of woody mushrooms.  

Search for these cheeses at your local grocery store or specialty retailer!